Recognizing current and past graduate students associated with the LEAD Team

Dr. Sonia Udod’s Graduate Students

Kristen Valeri – Doctoral Student

The focus of this nursing administrative research has been on gaining an understanding of health care Managers’ perspective on engagement, and hearing their voice. Managers within the health care system have been identified as pivotal to engaging employees. During times of change Managers are called on to not just cope with change rather to lead, to implement change and to engage their staff. Understanding their perspective and hearing their voice is essential to the success of change within healthcare.

Jacqueline Molina – Master of Nursing Student

I started my university education at the University of Winnipeg where I graduated with a double major in criminal justice and psychology in 2006. I graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2013 with a Baccalaureate degree in nursing. I have a broad area of expertise that includes: surgical nursing, correctional nursing, emergency, ICU and clinical teaching. I am an ICU educator at present. I am currently in the M.N. stream for Administration. My areas of interest are organizational change, flow theory and patient advocacy. My passion is centred on quality patient outcomes and how we can achieve it in an organizational health setting.