List of Dr. Pamela Baxter’s  and Dr. Sonia Udod’s Research Funding, organized in alphabetical order.

Dr.Baxter’s Funding

Baxter, P (Principal Investigator), Boamah, S (Co-Investigator), Hsieh, J (Co-Investigator), Udod, S (Co-Investigator). Nurse leaders in LTC: Preventing, identifying, managing and reporting resident-to-resident aggression. Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Grant. Total: $4,964.00 for 2020-06 to 2021-15.

Baxer, P (Principal Investigator), Kaasalainen, S (Co-Investigator), McDonald, L (Co-Investigator), O’Rourke, H (Co-Investigator), Papaioannou, A (Co-Investigator), Udod, S (Co-Investigator). Resident-to-Resident Aggression (RRA) in long-term care homes: Examining the role of healthcare leadership in the identification, management, and reduction of RRA. CIHR, Planning and Dissemination Grant. Total: $16,818.00 for 2020-01 to 2021-01.

Baxter, P (Co-Principal Investigator, Ontario Lead), Duggleby, W (Principal Investigator), O’Rourke, H(Principal Investigator, Alberta Lead), Dube V (Co-Principal Investigator), Ghosh, S(Co-Principal Investigator), Holroyd-Leduc, J(Co-Investigator), McAiney, C(Co-Investigator), Nekoliachuk, C(Co-Investigator), Peacock, S(Co-Investigator), Thompson, G(Co-Investigator). Supporting family caregivers of persons living with dementia: Effectiveness and sustainability of My Tools 4 Care-In-Care. Dementia Community Investment Grant, Canadian Public Health Association. Total: $882,000.00 for 2019-04 to 2023-03.

Cordon, C (Principal Investigator), Alvarado, K(Co-Principal Investigator), Baxter, P(Scientific Mentor), Dietrich,T (Co-Principal Investigator), Krull, K(Co-Principal Investigator), Lounsbury, J(Co-Principal Investigator). Perceived and actual outcomes achieved using the Synergy Model: A mixed methods exploration, Grant. Hamilton Health Sciences. Total: $14,856.00 for 2019-09 to 2020-09.

Bergman, H (Principal Investigator), Lapointe, L (Principal Investigator), McAiney, C (Principal Investigator), Moore, A (Principal Investigator), Strumpf E, (Principal Investigator), Vedel I, (Principal Investigator), Aubin M, (Co-Principal Investigator), Baxter, P (Co-Principal Investigator), Beland F, (Co-Principal Investigator), Bergman S, (Co-Principal Investigator), Borges Da Silva R, (Co-Principal Investigator), Dupuis S, (Co-Principal Investigator), Emond M, (Co-Principal Investigator), Emond V, (Co-Principal Investigator), Gruneir A, (Co-Principal Investigator), Kroger E, (Co-Principal Investigator), Lee L, (Co-Principal Investigator), Levasseur M, (Co-Principal Investigator), Muggah E, (Co-Principal Investigator), Pimlott N, (Co-Principal Investigator), Rodriguez C, (Co-Principal Investigator), St-Laurent D, (Co-Principal Investigator), Tousignant M, (Co-Principal Investigator), Yaffe M, (Co-Principal Investigator). Team 19: Assessing care models implemented in primary health care for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. The Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration and Aging Grant. Total: $1,200,000.00 for 2014-01 to 2019-12.

Petrisor, B (Principal Investigator), Baxter, P (Co-Principal Investigator), Bhandari, M (Co-principal Investigator), Bosnyak, D (Co-principal Investigator), Kelly S (Co-principal Investigator), Sonnadara R, (Co-principal Investigator). Using EEG to measure mind wandering: A stepping-stone to more effective teaching in medical education. McMaster Surgical Associates Educational Research Grant. Total: $30,000.00 for 2016-01 to 2018-12.

Baxter, P(Principal Investigator), Kennedy L, (Co-Principal Investigator), Semogas D, (Co-Principal Investigator). Seniors Helping Seniors: Evaluation of a Peer to Peer Intervention for Socially Isolated Older Adults & the Impact on Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Older Adults. New Horizons Grant. Total: $21,013.00 for 2016-01 to 2017-12.

Baxter, P (Principal Investigator), McGrath, P (Principal Investigator), Newton, M (Principal Investigator), Curtis, S (Co-Principal Investigator), Fitzpatrick, E (Co-Principal Investigator), Jabbour, M (Co-Principal Investigator), Johnson, D (Co-Principal Investigator), Joyce, A (Co-Principal Investigator), Ohinmaa, A (Co-Principal Investigator), Rosychuk, R (Co-Principal Investigator), Young, M (Co-Principal Investigator). Developing an Internet-based program for anxious youth who visit the emergency department for mental health care. CIHR Grant. Total: $19,000.00 for 2013-01 to 2017-12.

Pfaff, K (Principal Investigator), Baxter, P (Co-Principal Investigator), Echlin, J (Co-Principal Investigator), Hamilton, L (Co-Principal Investigator). Promoting interprofessional palliative care in long-term care: The impact of leadership. University of Windsor, Faculty of Nursing Internal Grants Program. Total: $2,978.00 for 2015-01 to 2017-12.

Dr.Udod’s Funding

Halas, G. (Supervisor), Udod, SA (Co-Supervisor), & Avery, L. The Patient and Caregiver Journey from Inpatient to Team-based Cardiac Care in Community.  Med2 Summer Research Program, University of Manitoba. Total: $5,000. Student Marissa Antoniuk.  

Udod, SA (PI), & Baxter, P. (Co-I). (2019). Nurse Leader Forum: Transitional Care Services for Cardiac Patients from Hospital to Home.  Research Start Up Funds, University of Manitoba. Total: $10,000. 

Udod, SA, Lobchuk, M, Lamont, Vodden, E, & Avery, L. (2018). Nurse Managers’ Role for Transitional care: Supporting Family Caregivers and Cardiac Patients in the Home. MCNHR Research Grant, University of Manitoba. Total: $7500.00

Rohatinsky N (Principal Investigator), Rennie D (Co-investigator), Anonson J (Co-investigator), Olatunbosun O (Co-investigator), Udod S (Co-investigator). Registered Nurse and Physician Mentorship in Saskatchewan’s Rural Communities. Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Establishment Grant. Total: $82,061.00 for 2015-10 to 2018-09

Smith M (Principal Investigator), Care W (Co-investigator), Udod S (Co-investigator), Graham J (Co-investigator), Henriquez N (Co-investigator), Ahmad N (Co-investigator). Role Stressors and Coping Strategies of Nurse Mangers in Rural Manitoba, Brandon University. Total: $7,495.00 for 2017-01 to 2018-01

Udod S. (Principal Investigator). Undergraduate Student Research Assistantship (USRA), University of Saskatchewan. April 2017. Total: $2250.

Udod S (Principal Investigator). Undergraduate Student Research Assistantship (USRA), University of Saskatchewan. Total: $4,500.00 for 2016-06 to 2016-08, University of Saskatchewan. Total: $4,500.00 for 2016-06-01 to 2016-08-31

Udod S (Principal Investigator), Cummings G (Co-investigator), Care W (Co-investigator). Role Stressors and Coping Strategies of Nurse Managers in Acute Care Facilities in Saskatchewan and Alberta, SHRF Establishment Grant. Total: $119,433.00 for 2013-08 to 2016-07

Udod S (Principal Investigator), Goodridge D (Co-investigator), Rotter T (Co-investigator), Duchscher J (Co-investigator), Simonar P (Co-investigator). Building Nurse Manager Leadership within the Lean Management System, SHRF. Total: $40,000.00 for 2016-04-01 to 2017-03-30

Wagner J (Principal Investigator), Udod S (Co-principal Investigator), Berry L (Co-principal Investigator), Alecxe A (Co-investigator), Perchie G (Co-investigator). Improving Emergency Department Care Provider and Patient Outcomes Using a Synergy Tool, SHRF Collaborative Innovation Development Grant. March 2017. Total: $28,456 for 2017-2018